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The Trip to Africa

A young married white couple take a boat trip along the coast of Africa.
The man being an amateur photographer,
he can’t get enough of the beautiful scenery as he is taking lots of pictures.
While he is busy taking pictures, he fails to notice this handsome Black man chatting up his wife.

Even though she is married, she can’t help but feel attracted to this strong Black man.
Then when he sits down next to her, he lays his hand on her shoulder, gently running it down her arm.
As she feels him touching her, she gets warmer and warmer, she has never felt this sexually attracted before.
She suddenly spots her husband across the deck of the boat, as she remembers that she’s married.
But her lust for this strong Black man is more than she can resist.
Even if her husband saw her with him, she would go with him to his room, and make love to him.