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My new job..

Dearest Hubby, I have finished training and started my new job today although I was a bit late due to a wardrobe malfunction :)

Which just got worse!

But luckily, no-one seemed to mind, although the captain gave me a bit of a hard time about it.

Once I closed the airplane doors the fun really started!

One of the stewards was quite rude to me but my collegue showed me how to give him a hard time! She really dominates them!

I first had a meeting with the captain who showed me his cockpit

Then the two co-pilots ran me through my paces,

And finally I got to start serving the passengers

who were mostly quite nice,but one guy gave me a hard time,

And some of the 1st class passengers needed special attention

They just expect this sort of treatment, although some of them treated me nicely in return,

One guy even showered me with compliments

I am loving my new job, but I can't wait to come home and see you!

Your Loving Wife.