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Pregnant Lisa Finally Does It

Thanks so much to William for this!

William has been dating Lisa for the past three years, and for the past two he has been trying to convice her to have sex with their friend Cole while he watched. But while she was somewhat interested, she wouldn't do it becuase she was so afraid of accidentially getting pregnant by him and then having to explain to people why the baby was obviously not her boyfriend's. But now she is six months pregnant with William's baby, so there is no risk of that. So she secretly arranges a "date" with Cole and brings the video camera so she can give the recording to William as a birthday present. Cole is so excited having waited years for this chance that he barely makes it through her oral treatment. And then when he does get to doing her from behind it doesn't take all that long for her tightness to make him quickly finish deep inside her. But he does give the camera a thumbs-up a couple of times just to let William know she is doing a great job on him.