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18 and Reluctant

A really BIG thanks to Matt for this FANTASTIC clip!

Matt's 18 year-old girlfriend Courtney and their friend Bobby drove up to visit him on campus. He has told her he wanted to watch her with another guy, and after an evening of hanging out in his dorm he talks her into at least trying it with Bobby. Even though she eventually agrees, she is not really sold on the idea and tells him that it "better stay under 2 or 3 minutes." She doesn't even allow Bobby to take her panties off at first and is obviously irritated by the camera focused on her. She even tells Matt he had better feel lucky she is doing this and wants him to "go down the hall and get those Coors" they had been offered when they passed a party on the same floor. Apparently, she thought she might even need a drink to go through with it.

But in not too much time at all she starts to loses her reservations. They start missionary and he does her good from that direction for way over the 3 minutes she originally intended. And by the time Bobby flips her over they actually take a minute to admire how moist she has gotten. As Bobby begins to thrust into her from behind you can literally hear how wet and sloppy she is. And I think we may see more from Courtney and Bobby in the future based on her telling Matt to "look what you started" after Bobby finally finishes inside her.