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BF Fell Asleep

Thanks Erin!

"found your site and can't get enough. Really like the Jana and Lauren ones! You can post mine if you want but it's from a few years ago. Kevin was over and we all were watching a movie and my bf fell asleep and then me and Kevin started messing around. It was just a little at first but then he took me in the bathroom and fucked me while my bf was still sleeping right outside the bathroom door. I was nervous and in the moment and forgot the tell Kevin not to stay in me and then it was too late. But lucky I didn't get pregnant so it was ok. My bf saw the spot on my underwear when he was doing wash and thought he did it accidentally and said sorry because I make him pull out too."

Note: Many have said this is actually a white guy. He's mixed race, and since he considers himself black so do I. Bobby.