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A Turn With Tiffany

Thanks, Micheal!

41 year-old Micheal started hanging-out with a younger coworker because despite their age difference they had a lot in common. One night while they were hanging out the guy casaully mentioned how he liked to watch his girlfriend with other guys. Micheal dismissed it at first, but he had met her and she was really cute. So the next time the guy brought it up, Micheal expressed interest. That weekend he was invited over to the guy's small apartment to have a turn with his 22 year-old girlfriend Tiffany. She seemed to be no stranger to her boyfriend's obsession with watching her with other guys and was happy to participate when he got there. Micheal also brought his video camera so the guy could record the encounter. Since there was no mention of a condom being needed, he took the opportunity to stay inside when he was done and withdrew very slowly to make sure most of his semen stayed deep inside her young vagina. Michael learned later that even though she had been with other guys, that was the first time anyone had bred her.