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The Breeding of Melanie

Thanks so much Scott!

"I liked the movie where the guys stays inside to keep his cum from leaking out (The Breeding of Becky) so much I had to do the same thing to my girl. I'm 40 and my girlfriend Melanie is 23and I'm "teaching" her how to please a man. I told her she was a bad girl and needed to be punished so I tied her up while she waited patiently for her punishment. My black buddy Al hasn't had sex in like a year and has lots of cum stored up so I invited him over to release it in her. While Al took some pictures I fingered her for a while to make sure she was good and wet so his sperm would have an easy time swimming up in her and then he got to work. He started cumming in her really quick and just kept pumping more and more up into her until I didn't think her pussy could fit any more. She said she could feel herself expanding it was so much".