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Revenge on Boyfriend Sex

19 year-old college sophomore Mackenzie got into a huge fight with her boyfriend and called her best friend to vent and cry. That friend happens to be dating a senior who shares an off-campus apartment with a black guy on the football team who is always bragging about his 9 inch penis. Mackenzie has met him a few times and when her friend suggested to just forget about her boyfriend for a while Mackenzie decided that was a good idea. So she talked her friend into letting her tag along to her boyfriend's place in hopes of hooking-up with his roommate. She would show her boyfriend just how over him she was! She did fall asleep in the guy's bed waiting for him but her friend woke her up to make sure she still wanted to go through with it as the roommate got home. She was very concerned Mackenzie was making a mistake she would regret. So Mackenzie was fully awake but still a little groggy when he began showing-off his size by shoving his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth until she almost choked on the length. He then gave her a quick missionary-style pounding and thrust all the way into her vagina as he began to unleash a large load of semen to deosit it as deep inside her as he could.

The next day Mackenzie and her boyfriend made-up so she probably does regret this. And the concept of revenge was foolish because he has no idea any of this happened. Unless he visits this site, of course, and then I suspect they will have a another big argument.