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Corrupted Katie

24 year-old Katie has been going to visit her mom on the weekends when her boyfriend is working. She likes seeing friends from the old neighborhood and her mom can use the help around the yard. Even though he is more than twice her age, Mr. Lenner from across the street had taken notice of how well she grew up. They got to talking one afternoon when he and Katie were both out doing yardwork and she mentioned how she always had a crush on his son Jimmy when they were in high school. Mr Lenner told her that Jimmy not noticing her was his loss because she was a catch. He continued to compliment her whenever he had the chance and she seemed to love it. After a few weeks of this in the heat of one afternoon he invited her in to cool off with some water and it wasn't long before he had her sitting on his couch with her top off and his penis in her mouth until she swallowed a nice load of semen.

She apparently liked what he had to offer because despite the age difference since she has been back inside serveral times since. He had a feeling this was the day he was going to get her to give up more than a little oral so he had his webacm ready to go in the living room when he saw her outside. He invited her in and in very little time he had her clothes off and ready for him. And just so she wouldn't be disapointed by breaking routine he even let her swallow afterward. Hope her boyfriend doesn't visit this blog.