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A Steamy Weekend with a Utah Hotwife

I have been in the interracial cuckold scene for a while but there are some things that still surprise me. I have experienced cuckold husbands who want to watch their wife get fucked by a black man, men who send me pictures of their naked wives begging me to fuck them, and men who send their wives over to be fucked and sent home with cum-stained panties. But I was surprised when I got an email from a couple in Utah. I have a profile on Adult Friend Finder and I regularly get likes and views from people in different states and other parts of the world. I don’t pay them much attention because I am not on there looking for a pen pal or someone to play on cam with. So when I received a like from a user named Sexyutahcouple, I didn’t pay it much mind, especially as they didn’t have a picture. I was surprised when I got another email saying that I had a nice body and they wanted to talk to me. I was wary. I know that there are a lot of bisexual men out there who use interracial cuckolding as an excuse to get close to BBC, and that wasn’t my thing. I typed a short message telling them to send me some pictures if they were serious. I was surprised when I received a picture of an attractive, middle-aged couple who looked like they stepped out an Eddie Bauer catalogue. He was tall, had a conservative haircut and wore a blue polo shirt and khakis. She was an attractive soccer-mom type with platinum blonde hair that fell to her waist. He said his name was Rick and her name was Amy. My interest had been piqued so I asked Rick if he could send me some sexy pics of Amy. A few minutes later I received a pic of Amy in a polka dot bikini. He also sent me some nude pics of Amy lying seductively on the bed. She had a bald muff and firm, upright boobs that were obviously fake. That got my attention and I suggested we move to instant messenger. I sent Rick and IM asking him why he had contacted me. He wrote back and said that he had had a thing for watching interracial porn and his wife, who had been a cheerleader at Brigham Young University, was interested in black men. I typed: I’m assuming you guys are Mormons. Rick typed: Yeah, but that doesn’t stop us from being human. We still have wants and desires. I typed: So what are you looking for? And isn’t there anyone local? Rick typed: We live in Provo, which is about 90 percent white. They’re just not that many single black men around here. I pondered what he had told me. Utah had a reputation for being white bread and Mormon. But I had seen stories about Utah also having the highest Internet porn use in the country. I had also read about Mormon women using antidepressants in high numbers. Evidently there was a lot of restlessness going on underneath that conservative veneer. I kept talking to Rick. He said that his earliest sexual experience was watching an interracial porn video that he had gotten from a high school buddy. He said, he had been turned on by how taboo it was and as he has gotten older he kept up with interracial porn on the net. One day, Amy had busted him jerking off to interracial porn on his laptop. But instead of chastising him, she had expressed curiosity and asked to watch. Watching images of white porn starlets getting jackhammered by BBC, turned out to be an aphrodisiac for both them and that night they had wild sex. Afterwards, Amy had admitted to Rick that she had been secretly watching interracial porn online for a long time. She envied those white porn stars getting fucked by black studs. Rick said they should do something about it, so he went online.