Luxuries of erotic massage

I am narrating erotic massage experience here.I’d sealed the deal, a multi-million dollar contract and was about to head off to London Heathrow for a flight back to New York when the snow storm struck.I dived into the nearest hotel for a cocktail to assess the situation. Robert, the barman was one of those guys whom you know you can trust and rely upon. “You aren’t going anywhere tonight Sir” he said, “The UK closes down at the first sight of snow, and I’ve already had word that the airport is closed for the next 24 hours”Worst things happen I thought, here I am in a 5 star Mayfair Hotel, the deal done and a weekend in London to enjoy. I checked into the most expensive suite available, an amazing series of rooms in a modern Italianate style for erotic massage.
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It seemed such a waste to be in this palatial suite on my own, but first I need a massage to relieve the tension of the day.  I went back to the bar to see if Robert could recommend a 5 star massage company to visit me in the suite. Without hesitation he pulled a black business card from his pocket with the words PEARL London embossed in white. “This is the best visiting sensual massage company in London” he said. “The girls are all amazing and I’ve only ever had fantastic feedback from the customers who’ve tried them. Check out their website, you’ll be blown away”.

I tipped Robert handsomely and rushed back to my room to check PEARL’s site. Wow, this looks amazing, I can have at least two girls join me to share my huge Jacuzzi bath, followed by a four hand body-to-body massage and dinner with them in my suite afterwards. This ticks all the fantasy boxes I ever had.The hardest part was choosing which two girls I wanted, they all looked stunning. I made the call and within 30 minutes the bell to my suite rang. Nervous and excited, I opened the door.

Before the sensual massage,Cara and Natasha introduced themselves, they were drop dead gorgeous, one brunette and quintessentially English, the other blonde and stunningly Scandinavian. They came in and immediately put me at ease, conversation flowing freely and naturally as if they’d known me all my life.The girls went to prepare the bathroom and told me to change into my bathrobe. A few minutes later they summoned me in. The room was transformed, they had placed candles all around, soft music was playing erotically in the background and the two of them were kneeling naked in the Jacuzzi, looking like visions from above, inviting me to disrobe and join them.

I won’t spoil the enjoyment of future PEARL London customers by describing the wondrous aquatic time we spent, suffice to say that I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.They toweled me dry and lead me, hand-in-hand to the huge bed. Cara and Natasha erotically applied massage oil to each others perfect bodies. I thought I was dreaming. Then it was my turn. Their four hands worked skillfully to work the oil into every centimeter of my skin. Cara started to body slide up from my toes, slowly, sensually, never breaking eye contact until we were face to face . Natasha began massaging both our bodies, I have never been so turned on.
An exhilarating two hours later the massage was over. They had give me the best ling.m massage I could ever imagine possible. Their 4 hands bringing me to the point of no return and back again so many times. In the end I think my explosion must have gone into orbit.

We showered gently together and later enjoyed a wonderful dinner I’d ordered to the suite.The three of us raised our glasses of the best Crystal champagne and gave a toast to PEARL London.What a day - it doesn’t get better than this.

The Happy Ending

When Morrison was brought in to be VP Sales, there seemed to be no logic to his firings and hirings, making us all very uneasy. He never mentioned my Sales reports. He was pleasant enough when we had an occasional lunch in the staff canteen, but in meetings he frequently made belittling jokes at my expense. I didn’t know where I stood.
It all came to a head on one of my regular trips to see existing clients and develop new ones in London. I stayed in my usual room at my preferred hotel next to the British Library.I had a shower before bed, put on the toweling robe and slippers the hotel provides, and settled down in an arm chair for a read of my favourite magazine Then there was a tap on the door.There were two tall girls, one blonde and one redhead, smiling broadly. They looked like models.”We’re bringing a message from Mr Morrison”, they said in unison and disappeared with their bags into the bathroom.

There was a sound of showering. When they came out they were wearing matching bustiers, lace-topped stockings, thongs and heels. All in black for the blonde; red for the redhead.They lit a dozen tea lights around the room and turned on some soft, exotic music. They beckoned me to lay on my stomach on the bed and tied restraints to my ankles and wrists so that  I was spread in a big X.I had always considered my derriรจre as simply the part of the body provided to sit on. Until that evening I hadn’t thought of my two buttocks as separate body parts. But the redhead, on the right-hand side of the bed chose to massage her chosen buttock with oil, very suggestively. The blonde on the other side of the bed started slapping her selected buttock with increasing vigour. Then they swapped activities with much spanking by the redhead and teasing rubs by the blonde.

Eventually they untied the restraints and turned me over onto my back. One tweaked my left nipple, one my right, and they both slipped a hand between my legs and satisfied my instincts.After breakfast in the morning, I took the train back to Birmingham and a taxi to the Head Office and factory. My secretary said the CEO wanted to see me.“Anything unusual happen on this trip?” he asked. I started to tell him about the previous evening’s event when he said he’d heard the story half a dozen times that month already.

“What you had,” he said, “was a PEARL London Tie and Tease sensual massage. Taking a client to lunch or dinner is a valid business expense. Using a PEARL London massage as a sales incentive for the staff is not. So early this morning I asked Mr Morrison to seek opportunities elsewhere”. “This leaves an opening as Vice President of Sales. I asked you to meet with me as I wondered if you would consider the job?”This was all about hot erotic massage story and sensual massage.