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No Penalty Called

Willis sent this great clip he made a few years ago while a basketball player at a very small private college in the Midwest. Even though he was one of the only African-American students, everyone treated him great except the conditioning coach for the team. Even though this guy was only in his mid 20's and barely out of college himself, he was a real know-it-all. And he seemed to be especially critical of Willis.

This guy's girlfriend was often hanging-out watching practice and when he thought he saw her paying a little closer attention to him than the others he saw opportunity. It took a few months of casual conversation but eventually he got to know her enough to convince her to come to his dorm one day while her boyfriend was busy with team stuff. It didn't take long to get her to give him oral and he was hoping she would let him finish on her face. But soon she was on his bed straddling him instead. By the time he moved her to the missionary position he decided to commit one more flagrant foul. He decided not to pull-out and finish on her face and instead drove deep into her emptying himself for over half a minute and staying inside to make sure she was bred really well.

After that whenever the conditioning coach would get on his nerves Willis was able to go back to the look of pleasure on his girlfriend's face as she was being pumped full of his semen. And it really didn't bother him anymore.