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Thanks for this great contribution Johnny!

"Heres a video I made of a threesome with this chubby PAWG Cindy I met this summer. I was on leave in Alaska just seeing what there is to see when I met this checker girl at a country store where I went in to by smokes and ask directions. She carded me and when she saw my military ID she got to talking about friends who were in too. She invited me to have dinner with her and her boyfriend and I was hungry so accepted. Me and her boyfriend hit it off good and got to talking about all kinds of things and then after we ate he asked me if I wanted to fuck his girl before I left. At first I didn't know if it was a joke but he was serious so I thought it was strange but wasn't going to turn down a chance at white girl pussy. So he started fucking her first while she sucked my cock and then we changed places and I banged her from behind while he took pictures and got his knob slobbed. He came in her mouth and then I creamed in her sloppy pussy. I love Alaska."