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Awesome contribution TL!

"I been watching this fine ass white girl Stacy shake her ass in a short skirt all through high school cause she was the captain of our pom pom squad at pep rallies and thought damn I'd like to nail her. But she's been going with this guy Greg the whole time and wouldn't talk to no one else. This year Stacy and me both started at (a community college) and we got some classes together.Her boyfriend goes there too but he has a later schedule cause he works in the day so he isn't in our classes. Her house is right down the block from mine so I finally got to talking to her cause we both walk home at the same time. I got her in when it started raining and she didn't want to get wet and offered her some pop and we hung-out talking about how different this year was from last year at high school. My moms wasn't at home and we were alone so after a while I made my move by asking about Greg and stuff and then teasing her about white boy dick and saying about how she needed a real man. She said her boyfriend was plenty man but I told her I had the biggest she had ever seen more than 11 inches and she was like yeah right. So I gave her a quick peek and her eyes like bugged out of her head and she thought it was fake so I got her to touch it and when she did I started getting hard right away. I told her I only needed a couple minutes to show her how good a big dick feels but she was like no I have a boyfriend but I told her he wouldn't know and it would be our little secret. She still was like no and I was about to give up when she was asked if I had a condom and I said yes and she said OK but just for a couple minutes and then she had to go. So I got her in my bedroom with her panties off real quick before she changed her mind and didn't even take her shirt off  when I fucked her. Not used to trying to be fast but no way her man is big because her pussy was so tight on me I was able to cum in a couple minutes like I promised."