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Keller's Ride Home

Thanks Lil Freak for this one!

"love the site and want to post this. This is me and my buddy Rico giving this white honey we work with a ride home cause her man was acting stupid and didn't pick her up. We got to her place she was like thanks and by and Rico was like I don't get a thank you? He was just playing around but then she was looking at us all serious and said she could give us a blow job but wouldn't fuck. And he was just playing but we were like for real? Bet. So Rico was in back with her and she started slobbing on him so I pulled out my phone to vid while I waited. But then he couldn't cum and she was hot from sucking on his big dick so she dropped her panties and he fucked her from the back seat while I put my dick in her mouth up front. I gave Rico the phone and he was supposed to be recording us both but he was stupid and didn't so sorry about that. My balls were aching from watching her suck on him and I nutted on her face real quick and didn't even know Rico was nutting up her pussy at the same time until we watched this later."