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Shelby Couldn't Wait

Wow! Thanks so much, Shelby, for this great clip.

"Hey Bobby I'm addicted to your blog. That's not weird is it for a girl to like your blog? Anyway here is my movie that I did send to another site too but I hope you still want it on your blog too. I'm 23 and live in Atlanta and this was from last year. My useless now ex fiance was supposed to come over for a romantic night but he was too busy at the bar shooting darts with his buds so I kept texting where was he at until he pissed me off and I said don' bother coming over. But I was going to surprise him by letting him make a movie like he wanted so then I was all ready and in the mood and the camera was setup with nobody there. So I sent text to a friend Jerry that I used to hook-up with in college before I was engaged and told him he had 5 minutes to come over and do me if he wanted and I think he was there in 3. Good thing I put a old towel down because he was REALLY glad to see me and made a huge sticky mess all over. So my ex missed out on making this movie and we broke-up a few months later anyway and I don't care if he sees it."