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What Lauren Lost On Her Birthday

My gratitude to Matt and Lauren for making another movie just for this site. Part of this clip was stolen by someone they traded with privately and posted on another site. Fortunately they didn't get the whole thing, so most of it is exclusive to this blog.

Since her first time with a black guy in December (What Lauren Got For Christmas) Matt has gotten more OK with the idea. And they have gotten together with a guy they met a couple of times for some oral, but that is as far as it went. But for her 22nd birthday Matt got a room at a hotel casino for a little gambling and a more in-depth encounter with the guy. He tests the camera in their room and then they head down for some gambling to give the guy time to get there. After loosing badly in the casino Matt makes sure Lauren still wants to do this as they go towards their room where he should now be waiting. Lauren gets a smile and replies "and you're going to watch."

Unfortunately the guy is camera shy and Matt had to sneak a little video of them from the mirror reflection because he didn't want to be recorded. They had turned the music up loud enough to avoid the people in the next room hearing which provided Matt some cover to the slight sound his camera makes when recording. But soon he notices anyway and Matt if forced to get only a little recorded before having to stop. But Lauren is really enjoying the pounding she is getting and up for even more excitement. Even though she is a true anal virgin she doesn't really object when the guy started rubbing a little lube there. Somewhat in shock Matt decides he doesn't care what the guy thinks and starts recording again up closer as Lauren screams in pain and pleasure as he begins penetrating her there. It's a little too much for her though and she screams for him to cum almost right away. He obliges fairly quickly leaving a trail of semen dripping from her previously untouched backside.

The next day Matt joked she might have a little trouble sitting after the invasion but she claimed to be "fine" and not feeling anything. Trying to get her to admit it he jokes about "losing his pants" at the casino and she falls into his verbal trap by admitting on camera she "lost more than pants last night."