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Muslim shy wife shared as Hot wife;Wife sharing stories

Hello dear readers .This is Wasif with My Hot wife stories. I wanted to share my true wife story which happend in real after a long struggle.I planned this for my shy wife .first I should introduce myself that I m from Lahore .I have an arranged marriage with Salma,a sexy and educated girl from Lahore.she is slim with big breasts and huge curved ass .I am working in Computer industry and living separately in Lahore with my Hot wife Salma. We are staying here from last 2 years.Before going to My Hot Wife Stories I would tell you a brief about my personality.I was a kind of guy who likes to explore the every possibility of sex while my wife was a shy conservative women like the majority of Pakistani women.I was highly interested in group Sex and even more fun but my wife failed to provide me that aspect of life. After two years I decided to make her my hot Wife.

Hot Wife Stories

I didn’t want to do that with anybody in Public or stranger as its very unsafe in Muslim communities. After 2 years of my marriage life I felt bored with my sex life One day I planned to do group sex but my wife Salma refused totally.she got promise from me that I should not talk about this in the life otherwise she would be very furious.I said, I am just joking but my heart was sad so I decided to plan it.After few months,one day my friend of college days came to Lahore for his official visit.We met and I thought a lot to make him my wife’s fucker.He was a good choice,Healthy and reliable,educated and decent.I offered him to stay with us. He hesitated a bit but after I insisted,He agreed to stay with me and my Hot wife.

I decided to make my Hot wife and my friend closer to each other.so I started leaving her thirsty for sex ,not giving proper time on bed and ignoring her quite a lot.I ignored her for 15 days and didn’t have any intercourse for that period.One night she grabbed my penis on bed and started to play with it while I was lying without giving her any importance.I got up immediately and went to washroom.After coming back,I asked her to let me sleep.She was annoyed of my act so she also went sleeping in anger.Next morning,My friend noticed our behaviors to each other on breakfast and he asked me about anything wrong between us in the way when we were driving to office.I gathered his beliefs and told him my fantasies.He laughed for a while but finally agreed to bang my Hot wife and help me to fulfill my fantasies

Wife stories
One night as per plans,I called my wife and told her that I will not be back tonight as I have some work to do and she can lock the house without waiting for me.My friend already have been taken in confidence about that and he knew that I wanted him to try his luck.The night proved to be the first night when my shy wife turned into a Hot wife.she could not control her three weeks hunger for sex and My friend made some naughty moves by throwing sympathy comments about our relation during chit chat(He told me later about that).My wife got attracted to his personality after watching a reasonable person who cares for her.I was not there but my friend told me that he had managed to bang my Hot Wife that night for two times.I was happy enough and when I came back in the morning,I could feel the change on my wife’s face.She seemed to be relaxed in sex that day.

I started my next plan for my hot wife.The night next to that day,I started playing with her vagina.She didn’t seemed to be interested in sex so I asked her about the problem.She told me that she is feeling some headache.I laughed and commented;I knew what’s the reason.She was quite surprised and her face blushed red.I told her that I can feel her body and I have got the idea about her Vagina.she turned red;asking me;what do you mean.I expressed my thoughts and she finally confessed her last nights fuck session.I told her that it’s no problem for me and she was surprised to see my reaction.I sent an sms to my friend waiting in the other room as per plan to join us in bed.I told my wife that Now she has to fulfill my group-sex fantasy in revenge to that.She has no other options so she agreed to that.Me and my friend banged her together by changing positions and then providing her every style of group-sex.My friend was slightly bigger in size to me.We banged my Hot wife for three times each and she was soaked in penis juices till morning.This was all about my wife stories.