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My Hot Wife's Sex Massage in Car;The wife Stories

My Hot wife always loves massage.She is 28Y beautiful hot-wife.I always love to see my wife massage.A few days ago,We were on travel to a picnic point.All the way I thought to treat my wife with sex massage.We luckily got a handsome guy who later proved to be a very good wife masseur.We decided to get the sensational wife massage in our luxury car.He massaged her back for 45 minutes, progressively removing the draping towel and revealing her body. Then still face down on the car floor, He started working between her legs, she became visibly aroused, evidenced by her swelling labial lips,His hand were nicely working on My wife’s Body during the entire Wife Massage session.I hope you will enjoy my wife massage stories.

He penetrated her with his bare fingers. My Hot wife's love juices began to flow, He remarked how remarkably wet my wife's vagina was. He continued exploring my wife's most sacred and secret femininity for another 20 minutes. I was driving the car where he was giving a nice full body wife massage.To watch my wife being explored, felt and penetrated by another man- I stopped the car for a while.He stood over my wife, eyes closed with a huge smile, fingering my fully Hot wife. This wife Massage session ended in a happy ending massage.My wife was nicely banged by him.I hope you will enjoy these pics.Later my wife told me that It was the first time in seventeen years that she was touched like that by another man that was not her gynecologist.you must enjoy these wife massage stories.